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Smart Homes Property


01. Project Info

Smart Homes Property is a Real Estate Management Company based in Abudhabi, UAE. From Services ranging from managing properties, leasing, and selling, Smart Homes Property have been in the market since a long time. They have several off plan projects with minimum investments and big outcomes.

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02. The Story

Smart Homes Property wants to showcase their services and their information so people can reach them better. A platform where they can introduce themselves, list their services and provide contact details is a must for any business. In order to do so, they have chosen Stylus Technology to create a web platform for them.

03. Our Process

In order to create a web platform for Smart Homes Property, we had a thorough meeting with the representatives of Smart Homes Property. After listing out the requirements of the client, we presented several ideas as to what we could do. The finalized plan was taken into action after the confirmation through our process.



Collection and analysis of data gathered about the project, allows us the better understanding of the goals, scope and limitations.



From required specification, to user personas or to a brand-model — the results gathered are developed into the first set of functional tools.



Creative concept or a system design — every solution needs a conceptual design that the further work will be based on.



Developing detailed design for a website and/or doing the technical implementation.



After all the testings by project team, the project is ready to go live. Thus, the product is ready to be used by end-users.

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