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Samsung One UI v2.0 | Tips, Tricks & Best Features

Anuz Pandey - February 28, 2020 - 3670 views

Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones all comes packed with a tasty bit of android but has also given the unique Samsung look and feel by the One UI launcher, which is like a custom skin of Korean’s own creation. It doesn’t just adds up the aesthetics but also a buttload of extra bonus features in which some of them are well worth checking out.

Some of the latest Samsung’s smartphones comes up with the latest version of One UI version 2 already stuffed into them and if you’ve got an older Galaxy Phone with One UI, you can expect an update to version 2 at some point.

From One UI v1  to V2, there’s isn’t that change in the aesthetics but has added some tweaks and added some great new features. If you’re a new to One UI version 2 then here are some of my tips and tricks and some of the best features on there.

  1. Native screen recorder
    Despite the fact that some of the other manufacturers have added a native screen recorder to their smartphones, the feature within One UI 2.0 is yet another massive bonus. Now, anyone with the Galaxy device with One UI 2.0, you have the ability to start recording the display without the need of third-party apps.
    What’s impressive is that, it comes with a loads of extra controls like the ability to adjust the video resolution, recording engines, framerate, bitrate and recording internal and external microphone which makes it more than a match for many of the third-party apps.

  2. Improved Dark Mode
    We have known that the dark mode has existed for a quite a while on Samsung device, Thanks to One UI. The only problem with One UI dark mode was that, it was limited to native Samsung apps only. Now with the One UI 2.0, the developers have dipped their application in darker tones, toggling dark mode will provide the overall more consistent experience.
    One UI dark mode now works with wider selection of apps including many Google apps and other many apps we can download from the Play Store. The additional best feature is that we can schedule the dark mode based upon our time or on our local sunset times, which still lacks on Pixel devices.

  3. Improvement in Camera UI
    One UI 2.0 is enhancing the solid camera experience in our Samsung Galaxy device with a slight of re-design. The extra camera modes and features have been moved to a “more” section, which definitely declutters the camera experience right off the box. The additional useful feature is that we can drag and drop the extra photo and video modes within the camera UI navbar for quick access, which is an extra little work but actually allows us to tailor the camera UI on our own preferences and uses.
    Not only the camera UI got some changes but there are some additional controls for the Pro Mode and Night Modes which are the part of newer Galaxy devices options. Pro Mode now supports ISO levels up to 3200 and shutter opening time can be changed to 30 seconds which was only 10 seconds before.

  4. Ability to Freeze apps
    Ability to freeze/sleep app setting scan be found Settings > Device Care > Battery > App Power Management > Put unused apps to sleep. Here you can enable this option to put your apps to sleep which are not used or rarely used. The sleeping apps will not work in the background and may not receive updates and send you notifications. You can manually add the apps and remove them by long pressing.

  5. Lockdown Mode
    This option allows us to temporarily hide all the notification, disable all biometrical unlocking methods just by enabling an extra button in the power menu. Within from any screen including the lock screen, we can jump into the power many by long pressing the power button and toggle the Lockdown mode. This will hide all the notifications from lock screen and lock the device. Once you unlock the device, everything will go back to normal.
    This is just a quick way to hide all of your notifications so that we don’t get distracted or hide them from nosey 👃 people.
    You can find this setting by navigating to Lock Screen settings. Secure Lock Screen settings > Input your password > Enable Show Lockdown option.
  6. Dynamic Wallpaper on Lock Screen
    So, are you guys sick of seeing the same tired old photos of your boring family flashing up on your smartphone screen every time you unlock it? If yes then, One UI has you covered.
    One UI v2 gives us the feature of Dynamic Lock Screen Wallpaper which flashes up fresh new pick every time you unlock your smartphone. To get into this feature. Go to your phone settings. Then navigate to Lock screen setting and from there wallpaper services. By default it is set to None, but you can quickly swap it to Dynamic Lock Screen by tapping onto it. Under the Dynamic Lock Screen setting, there you can find the category of what type of image you want to flash onto your lock screen. Currently available categories are Landscapes, Life, Food, Pets and Art.

  7. Additional Customization on Always on display.
    While you guys are into the Lock Screen setting from above feature. You can find some additional customization feature on Always on display menu. Just give Always On Display a tapy-tap-tap, there you can find the schedule option for AOD. There you can find different clock styles as well to change up on the look and feel.

What’s your favourite new One UI 2.0 feature?
Do you have a little tweak or feature that you have been using on Android 10 on Samsung Galaxy device? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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