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Introducing the new Windows 10 Iconic Icons in Fluent Design

Anuz Pandey - February 22, 2020 - 3134 views

Despite the fact that it hasn't constantly gone easily, Windows is experiencing a time of progress. It isn't only the manner in which that Windows 10 is being created and conveyed, broken as that might be, Microsoft is likewise during the time spent changing the operating system’s literal image. It built up its new Fluent Design language which has begun to show up in bits and pieces of Windows 10 UI. Now, the organization has begun swapping out old Windows 8 icons for something with more shading and somewhat more depth.

When Apple is playing with its skeuomorphic style, Microsoft has come up with its ultra-minimalist design. Those elements were mostly seen on Windows 8's flat style and monochromatic icons but has also carried over to Windows 10. It may have formed a new phase of UI minimalism but, unluckily, Microsoft was left behind.

The new Fluent Design shows a shift in direction which still continues to have some level of minimalism that isn’t to extreme. The main issue the old flat monochrome icons had was that they were inconsistent with the colorful imagery used by apps that Microsoft had no control over. As a result, the icons were visually more difficult to identify.

Microsoft’s design team states that they will continually retain familiar visual cues from previous icons with sprinkling colors and adding some shading to add some sense of depth without making it look like 3D.

Source : Microsoft

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